To Sleep and Dream – Short Film

“To Sleep and Dream”  Written and Directed by Mathew Brengman and Produced by Patrick Chavis.  Is a pulse pounding thriller about the struggle to live and die.

To Sleep and Dream from No Leaf Clover Productions on Vimeo.



Writer/Director : Mathew Brengman
Executive Producer/Producer : Patrick Chavis
DP: Cira Felina Bolla
Gaffer : Christopher Williams
Executive Producer/ Grip : Phillip Radke
Editor: Nodoka Kato
Production Designer : Yeva McCloskey
Set Decoration : Abagail DeGuire
AD: David Buchwald
Boom Operator : Ivan Donadic
Sound Editor: Mauricio Paolone

Featured Short Film on

Official Selection in San Diego Black Film Festival 2011

Official Selection in Spirit Quest Film Festival 2011

To Sleep and Dream : Behind the Scenes from No Leaf Clover Productions on Vimeo.

Directors Statement :

This was the first film that I wrote or directed; because of this, I was very ambitious in creating a complete and complexed story. The film points out different aspects of human life from false opportunity to the great obstacles that stop individuals from realizing their dream. The dark moist basement seemed the best choice to signify the abyss of the human psyche. A basement carries many different sinister connotations (imprisonment being one of them) . Survival for the man means the imprisonment of the soul. I used this to create a dichotomy.